My Last Seven Days

Ryan B., Second Year Medical StudentOne week. That’s all that remains of the last summer break of my entire life.  The last shred of my childhood if you will.  Being a rising MS2, I am part of the class of 2014… the last group to delay the inevitable start of classes this year.  1st years are getting their feet wet in first ever clinical experiences while 3rd and 4th years are running around an already familiar hospital environment as they progress through the clinical aspect of their education. What am I doing? Blogging at 4 AM because I don’t have to set an alarm for tomorrow. Maybe when I wake up I’ll fix a large brunch while watching a couple episodes of Scrubs.  Then maybe play some racquetball.  Video Skype my family back in Ohio. Engage in some ladder golf? Stream a live baseball game or two? I could catch a movie with some friends, go bowling, try to finish my pile of novels, visit the beach, have a BBQ, go swing dancing…  Last Sunday I saw a pretty awesome concert by my favorite jazz saxophonist, Dave Koz after playing around in a swimming pool for several hours:

Dave Koz at the Hollywood Bowl - 8/14/11Summer! Some Friends & I Watching Dave Koz Play At the Hollywood Bowl

I’m going to miss the endless possibilities of summer free time. Listen to me, I sound like a 10 year old dreading the start of 4th grade!

That being said there is a big difference between 4th grade me and 18th grade me. As much as I’m going to miss the carefree days of my last summer vacation, I’m so pumped to get my second and final year of classroom studies underway.  I’ve heard many different opinions about what MS2 has to offer.  Some say it’s the best year because you still have plenty of autonomy and the material is much more interesting than MS1.  Some say it’s the worst year as time spent studying apparently triples on top of what I already thought was way more studying than I’ve ever done in my entire academic career. And then there are those that just say “Meh, it’s whatever.”  This year is gonna be trying, no doubt about that.  Physical diagnosis puzzles make their triumphant return via pathophysiology, 1,000,000+ drugs to memorize for pharmacology, a plethora of tiny little bacteria to master in microbiology, molecules and mechanisms for biochemistry and oh so much more.  And let’s not forget the very foreboding USMLE Step 1 that will hang over all us 2014’s until the bitter end:

A Book That Will Keep Lot’s of MS2’s Company This Year…

Despite all the work I’m gearing up for, I’m so excited to see my life continue to unfold because I’m doing what I love and I’m exactly where God wants me to be.  I really can’t imagine doing anything else with my life!

Please refer me back to the positive words above when it’s three weeks later and I’m reduced to tears by the workload! 😛 I guess we will see how this year unfolds and you are more than welcome to live it with me through the words of this blog.  My goal is to usually be short and sweet, really talking about life as a med student instead of just topics in medicine (don’t want to bore you haha), so brace yourself for lots of random, lots of crazy, and hopefully you can glean just a little bit of insight into what the it’s like making one’s way through med school. Alright… let’s do it!!

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