So…summer is officially over and second year has begun

Ingrid, Second Year Medical StudentAs I am sitting through orientation, my mind wanders to thoughts of my last glorious weekend of freedom.  Gelato, sand, breaking waves, delicious breakfasts, indie movies…NO MORE.  Reality lies before me in the form of lecture notes, Dr. Werner, and cramped seating in alumni hall.  “You can’t get behind!   You’ll never catch up!”  Dr. Werner is contributing to my anxiety.  Honestly, I am so nervous that I am not hungry even though lunch is fast approaching.  Yet the advantage of beginning second year (as compared to first year) is that I coming back to a room full of friends.  We survived first year together, and I know with God’s help and each other, we will overcome 2nd year.  Here’s to a good year!

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About iwahjudi

I am a second year medical student at Loma Linda University. Before medical school, I was an elementary teacher and photographer. My hobbies include hanging out with my husband, shopping, traveling, shoes and eating.