A Little Praise

Kari, Third Year Medical StudentThis morning after our final exam, those of us on a surgery rotation finish out 10 weeks of little sleep, lots of standing, retractor holding and answering obscure questions about anatomy. Maybe I just thought they were obscure – I’m sorry Drs. Nava, Escobar and Wright, I tried to make you proud. Regardless – Rotation 1: check.

In honor of that – a little praise. This is my favorite hymn, performed my favorite way.

Also this is my younger sister. She’s currently a senior at the Air Force Academy. Sometimes she takes song requests – she may or may not have covered a Justin Beiber song for me. It’s as awesome as it sounds.

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About Kari

Thanks for reading. I'm Kari. I'm in my fourth and final year as a medical student, and I'm going into Pediatrics. I spend most of my time in the hospital or clinic, but as a fourth year I'm also making time for interviews, away rotations, I run, I cook, and I'm planning my wedding. I would never make it without my classmates and I'm impressed with them every day.

2 thoughts on “A Little Praise

  1. Very nice video. I have played saxophone for 13 years now, but I just haven’t really found time/opportunities to continue since starting medical school! Congrats on being done with surgery 🙂

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