Weekend Excursions

Ryan S., First Year Medical StudentTo celebrate our last stress-free weekend for a long time, many students in my class rewarded themselves with some time off last Sunday. I heard rumors of a few camping trips, several hikes, and one group that apparently went cliff-jumping (don’t worry, nobody was hurt!). Responding to an invitation by Dr. Montri Wongworawat, eleven intrepid explorers including myself made our way to the summit of Southern California’s tallest peak, San Gorgonio. With an elevation of 11,503 feet, on a clear day you can potentially see 130 miles from the summit (limited by the curvature of the Earth).

Given the perpetual haze of the Inland Empire though, my best estimate is that visibility was probably 30% of that at best. Maybe someone more familiar with the other peaks in the area can give me a more precise figure, using the following panorama I shot at the top.

Click for a much larger version.

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I'm a first-year medical student at Loma Linda University. I'm married and have two small miniature pinschers, Suki and Mika, who serve reasonably well as surrogate children. I have almost no idea what I want to specialize in at this point, so I'm just focusing on learning and enjoying as much as I can. I enjoy hiking, snowboarding, philosophy, and science fiction.

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