The end of the first week…

Ingrid, Second Year Medical StudentWell, its Sunday night and I’m wondering where did my first week go?  Pathology, pharm and micro seemed to melt together in the heat of studying and literal 100+ degree heat, courtesy of Southern CA.  On Tuesday, it was strange how studying felt natural.  I was slightly disturbed by this realization.  After all, I hadn’t studied in almost four months, so I wasn’t expecting that sitting down bent over a book for hours would come so easily.  Thank you medical school for the skills that you have taught me.

I decided to ease my transition back to school with good food as positive reinforcement.  I stocked my locker in alumni hall with crackers, bite-sized Snickers, and Haribo gummi bears to get me through lecture and the afternoon lull.  This all comes with a caloric price, so I have to get to the gym.  During the summer, I enjoyed going to kickboxing and step aeorbics class at the Drayson Center.  Last week, it was a struggle to fit it in.  An hour is precious currency in medical school.  However, jumping up and down and doing synchronized kicks on that step made me forget about school.  It was worth it!

This weekend, my husband and I went down to spend the weekend at a friend’s house near the beach.  My husband, Devon, is in dental school.  He has to to do dental lab work at night, so we barely saw each other last week.  I had to study in the dental lab to see him
Thursday.  It was nice to have Sabbath together.  We went to the beach and read, and then Saturday night we ordered Thai take out and ate Talenti gelato (which I highly recommend.  You can buy them at Henrys, Loma Linda Market and Clarks)  Today, I studied all day while Devon went boogie boarding.  Now, its time for some Netflix before starting another school week.  Until then…happy studying and happy eating!

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I am a second year medical student at Loma Linda University. Before medical school, I was an elementary teacher and photographer. My hobbies include hanging out with my husband, shopping, traveling, shoes and eating.