My First Weekend Off

Ryan B., Second Year Medical StudentThe final countdown. Or at least that’s what it feels like… already! Ba da daaaaah dah, ba da da da daaaaaaah!!! (me singing the hit by Europe, in case you couldn’t tell) I would elaborate on the speed with which I’m finding second year to flow, but after reading my colleagues’ blogs, I feel like that would be redundant!  Good news is the material is exponentially more interesting thus far:

PathGoljan Pathology: My New Best Friend

The days really do blur together, even though it’s only been a week and a half. Wake up, study, eat, academic activities, eat, study, shower, run around and go crazy, study… jumble that order up in any way you want, blur it all together, and there goes the time! I’d highlight a typical day for you but… well… one doesn’t really exist! I study and stuff, and that’s pretty much all there is to say.  Outside of that, I try to find joy in every day––like making Dr. Cao jokingly beat his head against the podium in front of our entire class, when I confused a “lilac” rash with an “iliac”rash during our TBL (more on TBL’s later…) yesterday morning. Haha!

One thing I found surprisingly enjoyable was microbiology lab.  I’ll be honest, I thought I was mostly done with laboratories after first year’s cadavers and histology slides.  So finding out I’d be spending some more time with a microscope didn’t sound all that appealing.  But honestly I found it kind of fun––gram staining, catalase testing, and playing detective to figure out to which unknown bacteria specimen I’d been assigned. Yes Ryan, we all know you are a nerd. 😛

Gram StainThat There’s Gram Positive Staphylococcus aureus

Now onto the fun stuff… I had never fully appreciated the weekend until starting medical school.  It is such a joy to finish studying on a Friday afternoon, close up my books, tidy up my space, and prepare to spend Sabbath away from studies.  For my first Sabbath after a grueling first week, I decided to spend some time in the mountains.  After being surrounded by the intense heat (109 degrees on that particular Friday), hustle and bustle of the city, and more pathological terms than I cared to be bothered with, some time up in the cool mountains seemed amazing.  So Friday evening, my girlfriend Brianna, two of her friends from undergrad, Ryan and Becca, and I all piled up some camping gear for a little time in God’s creation.

As soon as I stepped outside of our vehicle in the majestic outdoors, I was immediately relieved to hear one thing… quiet! It was so quiet up there it almost made my ears hurt! The sun had already long since set, so the stars were out and it was, in a word, gorgeous.  We didn’t want to make it too easy on ourselves, so we strapped up some backpacking gear and took a short hike before setting up our tents:

Backpacking100% Awesome

The evening was spent sharing stories around a campfire, roasting s’mores, and frying up potatoes and such with barbeque sauce.  Classic.  The next morning I slept in nice and long.  We planned to take some hikes through the scenery, but instead we were greeted by the most glorious thunderstorm you could imagine. Problem? Of course not! I love rain, and living in Loma Linda has since deprived me of such pleasures!  It was just a joy to just sit and listen, not to mention all the playing in the water. 🙂  Even though our little trip lasted just short of 24 hours, it was an amazing break from the books.  Though, for a minute there, I was afraid we wouldn’t be able to leave! Protip of the day: Never use a Prius on off-road terrain, especially after a rainstorm… you will get stuck and/or upset the under body of your car. Haha!

100%Can’t Touch This

As you can tell, I like to add pictures to everything.  They really do tell 1,000 words! Probably more!  Alright, microbiology is calling my name. Until next time, peace OUT!

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