School of hard knocks

Ariana, First Year Medical StudentWeek one of Med school. Done! After a very very long week, it seems pretty difficult to see any glimpse of light at the end of this dark and intimidating tunnel. Unfortunately, everything they say about medical school is true. The amount of information that we are expected to know is rather inhumane. I have heard studying strategies from all over the spectrum but they all seem to agree that you will never know or understand everything. Memorize every slide, flashcards, mind maps, charts, tables, outlines, etc. But whatever method of studying you choose to follow…DON’T FALL BEHIND!!! They say that the first year of med school is all about learning how to study. Second year is technically harder, but doesn’t seem as bad because you know how to study. Let’s hope I have a smaller learning curve…

24 hours is just not enough time in one day. I really wish there was a way we could change that…Lectures from 8-12, labs or small groups from 1-3 or 1-5. That leaves only a few hours at night and early morning to cram in all the material for the day while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I guess I’ll have to be the nerd that’s studying while running on the treadmill. Life could be worse…

Week 2, here we go!

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About Ariana

I'm a first year med student at Loma Linda University in southern California. I love the beach, snowboarding, traveling, chasing food trucks, and playing cello, just to name a few. My philosophy is that if you want something badly enough, you can and will get it (possibly with a few bumps and bruises along the way).