The Back-up Plan(s)

Stephanie, Second Year Medical StudentSitting on the couch watching college football this past Saturday after a LONG morning and afternoon of studying I found myself explaining to my husband what I felt were the strengths and weaknesses of each team’s…..uniforms.  I had details about what colors looked best, what patterns were a big mistake, and what I would have done differently.  I quickly declared that this was what I should do……if medical school doesn’t pan out.  Kendal, being a good sport, chuckled at my observations and quickly pointed out that:

1:  I would NEVER give up on something I had worked this hard for (I often refuse to even give up on things that I haven’t worked overly hard on just because I am that stubborn) and

2:  In all reality this is probably just one more thing I will find a way to do IN ADDITION TO a medical practice

He’s right (on both accounts).  Medical school has proven to be very trying and very disheartening at times, but no matter how hard it gets or how much I feel like I can’t take it any more, this is what I am MOST passionate about.  I appreciated that little reminder this weekend and it has helped bring about a more driven focus on all the fabulous material needing to be digested before the tests that are coming up in just TWO weeks…… :D.

Random sidenote – some of my other “back-up plans” include:

  • Professional chef (even though I would spend most of my time “sampling” all the food I was making),
  • Interior designer (although the fact I can only draw stick figures might prohibit this),
  • Ballet dancer (this one I would seriously LOVE and do someday hope to at least teach part time), or
  • Successful business woman (no idea how to run a business but I like the idea of having an office – to decorate – and dressing up every day 🙂 ).
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About Stephanie McDearmon

I am currently a fourth year medical student looking forward to entering residency in Family Medicine next year. I grew up in a small town in northwestern Illinois (Morrison) and have relocated to Southern California with my husband for the four years of medical school but plan to move back to the Midwest soon (aka for residency)! Some of the hobbies that I enjoy the most are spending time with my husband and our pets (a dog, Addison, and a cat, Blaze), dancing, running, and cooking.