Ryan B., Second Year Medical StudentTBL. Team Based Learning. Where were you when I needed you last year?? TBL’s are a new experience to my class as a batch of fresh 2nd year students.  Some people may hate them, some people love them.  I LOVE them.  During a TBL, our class assembles in the regular auditorium, gathering in preassigned groups of around six members, designated by signs posted throughout the amphitheater.  We spend the next two hours taking an individual quiz, getting questioned on finer details from said individual quiz, then finally taking a group quiz which is usually very challenging.

Now why would I love coming to class to get brutally questioned and/or take quizzes? This kind of self assessment is what I feel should be integrated into every medical school class. I find that having TBL’s a good way to set the pace for how I study, and it sets earlier deadlines before test week that help me know the material better, sooner. I feel like this kind of activity could have helped me out a lot as a 1st year. Right now TBL’s are only being run through Pathology, but later throughout the year, they will be apart of more classes. Honestly, if I could organize every class, it would be organized like Pathology!

More PwnageAre You Ready for Some Football?!

Didn’t see the random NFL pic coming did you?? It’s football season again!! Football is one of the nice little things about the school year that helps bring a little sanity amidst the endless hours of learning drugs and bugs.  I mean what better way to take a study break then to watch a team chase a pigskin across a field while pummeling each other for all they are worth?  It’s like the frustration from studying is slowly released every time a big hit is made, or that QB goes deep for a spectacular 40+ yard touchdown.  And you know what’s nice about living on the West coast? I love how sports occur three hours earlier than what I’m used to.  The timing just seems SO much more convenient.


Yesterday, I wasn’t expecting much my from my beloved Cincinnati Bengals.  They haven’t won the season opener in a LONG time, and our team is in rebuild mode after losing a couple big name players.  I was planning on following the game via live update, because it’s sad how California never broadcasts Bengals games, but then I checked facebook and noticed a message sitting in my inbox. Now for this story to make sense, let’s back up a few days… Lately I’ve been seeing a new Jeep parked in my apartment’s carport… with OHIO license plates!  It wasn’t too much longer before I finally ran into my new neighbor who had recently moved into the apartment above me.  We talked for a bit as she did laundry, and I quickly found out that not only was she from Ohio, but from my corner of it: Cincinnati! So back to yesterday: I get on facebook and find an open invitation to come upstairs and watch football! I guess she heard me yelling at my computer, haha! I quickly ate some breakfast and ran upstairs. And there it was in all its HD glory: Bengals taking on the Browns for the battle of Ohio in the season opener. I couldn’t thank my new neighbor enough!

But with a new Monday comes more study time! With tests coming in a week and a half, there is still much ground to cover. Today’s goals before my head hits my pillow again: Memorize mood disorders of Psychopathology, continue on in Pathophysiology, make sure my lymphomas are understood for Pathology, and maybe finish memorizing those pesky little bacteria for Micro! Happy Monday everyone! 🙂

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