Tough Work


Tamara, Fourth Year Medical Student[This is my ‘what Tamara does with her time, explained via lots of pictures’ post]

Life is tough work as a fourth year medical student.  Two weeks ago they MADE me go to Portland, OR for an away rotation.  Portland during summertime?  I hope I’ll survive. There’s this beautiful hospital plunked on the top of a blooming, green, luscious hill.  Who would ever want to come here? 😉 Then I HAD to ride this tram from the Columbia River to the hospital.





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Later on, Tabernacle Adventist Church strong-armed me into camping with them at Nahalem Bay on the Oregon coast.  They left me no choice by even giving me a tent and free food.  Life, is, rough.



It’s apparently called ‘haystack rock’… anyone? funny? 🙂


Finally, our simulation lab had technical difficulties, so they had the audacity to give us a day off during our rotation.  We were despondent, and decided the only way to raise our spirits would be to hike in the Columbia Gorge.  I suppose it was ok…






Having the time of my life.

3 thoughts on “Tough Work

  1. 😀 My home town! Pill Hill is like my dream place to work one day. *among other places. lol* You looked so excited. Thank you for blogging. I’ve been reading everyone’s posts since day one and am awed and inspired. 🙂 Thank you for being so courageous to become a doctor. I’m five days away from the start of nursing school and may or may not choose to become a doctor after that, but having others’ experiences to read and dwell upon for possible career advancements of my own makes me know there is hope. Good luck in this school year. Have fun during the rest of your time here in Portland and Oregon. 😀 God Bless. – Leslie

  2. Leslie, all the best with starting school! Should be a blast.
    FC – Seriously, some of my favorite pictures I’ve taken.

    Edit – apparently my geographic knowledge is still growing. The Willamette River, not the Columbia River, runs through Portland. Oops!

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