Second Guessing

“You will not change your answers, go with your first choice.”

I repeat this to myself multiple times before almost every exam I have taken since high school. I even wrote it on my “whiteboard” earlier this afternoon.  I try to convince myself that going back and changing my answers will hurt me, not help me.  Yet, whenever I finish, I glance at the clock and determine that I have enough time to go over my answers, just in case I left anything blank.  Then it begins.

I talk myself into answers that made no sense when I first saw them, but after 80+ questions (and a growling stomach) every answer choice seems correct.  First I check to see if I missed a key word in the question that would completely change the meaning. No? Well, maybe I misinterpreted the answer choices.  Nope, I understood those all fine.  Well the question should not be this easy, so this cannot possibly be the right answer, therefore I must change it.   And I do.  Begrudgingly I must say, but I still do. Then I move on to the next question, and the process starts all over again.

Finally, I get a chance to go back over my notes, and what do you know?  I changed it to the wrong answer 95% of the time.  I send up a prayer so that I can end this cycle of self-doubt and resume my studies.  Of course the next day I repeat the same thing to myself:

“You will not change your answers, go with your first choice.”  Yeah, right.

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About Marly

Hi! I'm Marly and I'm a first year student at Loma Linda University School of Medicine. I was born and raised in New Jersey, and received my Bachelor's from Seton Hall University. I love online shopping, possibly more than my love for all things Hello Kitty. I am also an avid basketball fan (go Celtics!). I'm not sure which specialty I want to go into, but I'm pretty sure that whatever I end up doing will most likely involve children.