Round 2

Ariana, First Year Medical StudentSorry for the absence, school has taken over my life a little faster than I imagined. I miss the days of undergrad where you could actually have a life. The past few weeks have been a blur, consisting of coffee, 4 or 5 am study sessions, and living at panera/starbucks all in hopes of doing well (enough) on the first set of exams. At LLU, test week is similar to a marathon…in the desert. If you think one day of testing is bad, how does 4 sound? The way it works is that they take questions from the 6 classes: anatomy, cell bio, physio, evidence based med, patient diagnosis, and biochem, and mix them all up into a tangled nightmare. Previously, the most finals I’ve ever taken on the same day was two. So when you think about preparing for 6 finals at the same time, you can see why it can get overwhelming. Tues, wed, and thurs 1-4p was our computer testing schedule and fri 8-11a was our anatomy and histo lab practical schedule.

Pine springs retreat, a free annual post-exam weekend getaway for all LLU med students, was a great respite from a long and stressful quarter. Staying up in the mountains and enjoying the peaceful, restful atmosphere was something we all desperately needed. Some highlights include hiking to a zen temple with a meditation center, playing ultimate frisbee/football/basketball in a span of a few hours, midnight session of Quinto (board game), and participating and watching the talent show. It’s pretty sad to see how far my cello skills have fallen after a few months of minimal practice, so I’ve learned to jump at any chance I can get to play and maintain a decent level of playing. But getting back to the retreat, I definitely grew a greater appreciation for having the opportunity to study medicine at LLU. If for nothing else, the students, especially the class of 2015, are an incredible mix of awesome people who make going to school something to look forward to. If a classmate is struggling, it seems like there are several who are ready to jump in and help. No one seems to want to backstab or sabotage and, I know this sounds cheesy but, we’re all in this together.

It can be quite disheartening to put so much effort into studying and not see the results you hope for. I try to set realistic goals for myself, while still trying to shoot for the stars (if that’s possible). Usually, I use my failures to motivate me to work harder and do better in the future. I’ll probably need a lot of that this school year. There is a Japanese proverb that says “fall down seven times, stand up eight.” Here comes round 2!