Sand and Step 2

Tamara, Fourth Year Medical StudentMy brain is melting.  OWWWW! TMI to the max.  I think medical knowledge is seeping out of my pores.  I almost feel like a superhero, filled with radioactive Step 2 knowledge, ready for the Final Battle – Tamara vs. the evil, dastardly test-writers.

Yes, I know, I am a nerd.

What’s on the agenda for this week?  You guessed it!  Step 2, aka test number two of our three comprehensive national medical boards.  The test is a 9-hour behemoth of a standardized computer exam. Therefore it is time to throw down, put my game-face on, and bring this study battle to a close.  For the final countdown I am sequestered in an isolated, far-off location, away from any potential distractions.

What are my typical days of last minute Step 2 cramming?

1. Wake up before dawn (ouch!)

2. Run barefoot on the beach with the sunrise (yay!)

3. Study for 11 hours (boo)

4. Run barefoot on the beach with the sunset (stellar!)

5. Study for 3 hours (study = surf the internet? :))

6. Bed

The only break I get from studying is running on the sand. So my runs have been getting longer lately. At least Step 2 studying is getting me in shape.

Taking it in a few days.  Let you know how it goes!

Bonus points if you can identify my running beach.

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