Balancing Act

Ariana, First Year Medical StudentAs the next quarter of med school commenced, I realized something quite disheartening. Many of the things that I love to do had been abandoned for the previous five weeks or so. Probably the biggest reason for that was my internal “Freak Out” mode turning on a few weeks before tests. Several of my fellow bloggers illustrated that mode pretty clearly, and I can say from experience that it wasn’t pretty. Now that we have somewhat of a fresh start everything seems to be going 100x slower, which is a great thing. It’s definitely not fun playing catch up in med school. I am all about balance this quarter and getting back to the fun things in life. For example, last week I went the gym almost every day (yes, I count the gym as fun). I was hoping to post more photos with this blog since I love photography (more in the sense of appreciating it than having any skill in taking pictures).

Etiwanda Falls

This picture was taken this weekend on a short hike to Etiwanda Falls. I came to the conclusion that I only enjoy hikes that have a landmark at the end. Waterfalls are definitely one of my favorites since you get to “swim” (as long as you’re not in danger of being swept away) and cool down.  Spending time outdoors is something that has become a luxury to me since about the only exposure to fresh air is walking to and from my car every day. Is it really possible to have fun in med school? I will try it out and get back to you after exams. But for my own sanity and well being, this approach is necessary and hopefully my newly discovered studying techniques will work wonders (I will also reveal those if they are effective). In the meantime, it’s back to another FUN week of school!

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About Ariana

I'm a first year med student at Loma Linda University in southern California. I love the beach, snowboarding, traveling, chasing food trucks, and playing cello, just to name a few. My philosophy is that if you want something badly enough, you can and will get it (possibly with a few bumps and bruises along the way).