Hayley, Second Year Medical StudentI’ve noticed that in Loma Linda the weather is not the focal point of mundane conversation. Probably because in the summer all people can say is, “Man, it’s hot today.” (Just like yesterday… and tomorrow… and the day after). And in the winter, “It’s so nice today.” Period. That’s it. It’s kind of like the way you can wear the same combo of jeans, tshirt, and flip flops everyday November through April. Nothing changes. It is nice, but it is also predictable.

Living in the desert is hard for a girl born and raised in Seattle. Anyone who knows me knows that I love rain. Rain reminds me of playing in puddles with my sister and our dolls when we were little. It reminds me of summer camp (yeah pacific northwest!). It reminds me of the February that everyone thought we were going to break the rain record of continuous days of rain, but then we had one day of sunshine in the middle of the month. It reminds me of cross-country races in college; while everyone else was complaining about traction I was secretly rejoicing. The lack of rain was actually a con I held against Loma Linda while choosing a med school.

Last week was test week for us second years. And it was pretty rough. Our pathophysiology test was over valves, arrhythmias, ischemia, and hypertension. I thought those were pretty challenging subjects to start with, but add on top of that the fact that the questions were all at least tertiary questions – it felt like a somewhat insurmountable obstacle.

But, the day before the test, it rained. In fact, it was cold and rainy all day. It felt like a gift from God. And, for a Seattle girl, there is nothing like putting on some wool socks, grabbing a thick binder and a cup of tea and then settling down with a Tchaikovsky playlist on repeat. The test is over now, but I’m still thanking God for that unexpected rainy day. I’m realizing God can help me through test week by doing something unpredictable with something that’s even as predictable as California weather.

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About Hayley

I am Hayley, a second year medical student at Loma Linda University. I grew up outside of Seattle, in the small cow-dominated town of Carnation which is famous primarily for its breakfast products. I graduated from Wheaton College in 2010 with a degree in biology. When I am not studying (which is not very often) I enjoy running in the dark, eating sushi, doodling on my notes, and climbing to the tops of mountains. Some of the things and people I love include trees, rain, my family, my boyfriend Brian, green tea, grapes, and my friends in the class of 2014. Through this blog, I hope to provide you with a bit of insight on my life as a 2nd year med student; what I am learning, seeing, and realizing as I travel through this year of school.