A Breakfast Tale

Kari, Third Year Medical StudentOr: How OB/Gyn is consuming my life.

I’m 4 weeks into the OB/Gyn rotation and I like it more than I ever imagined I would, but it’s time-intensive. That’s no joke. It’s a 6 week rotation, with about a week each spent on Low Risk OB, High Risk OB, Benign Gynecology, Night Float, Gynecology Oncology and FPMRS, whatever that stands for – something about pelvic reconstructive surgery – I’ll know next week when I get there. 12-13 hour days seem about average so far.

My Fiance, John, arrived to visit on Thursday, just in time for me to fall asleep (9 pm). When I saw him after my day of work on Friday afternoon, I asked how his morning was. The exchange went like this:

Him: “It was all right.”

Me: “Did you find something good for breakfast, I know I don’t have any cereal.”

Him: “Yeah…you don’t have any breakfast food. Not even oats.”

I proceeded to open my pantry to discover it was very true, I was out of oats. I vaguely remember back to sometime before Thanksgiving, running out of oats. To put this in the proper context, I’ve eaten either oatmeal or a yogurt bowl for breakfast pretty much every day for at least a year.

However, for a couple weeks I’ve literally eaten a banana and a Luna Bar for breakfast every day. This isn’t for lack of oats – it’s because OB/Gyn is a time-intensive rotation. We preround on the OB services at 5 am, meaning I leave my house slightly after 4:30 am. My stomach’s just not very awake at 4:30, so my breakfast has to be quite portable. I typically drink coffee and eat my banana right before I leave the house, and then have a bar between patients around 6:30. It is for this reason that it didn’t even occur to me that I hadn’t bought oats.

I don’t really know what some of my classmates do – I think some of them just don’t eat breakfast. Crazy.

I choose to write about the above bowl of oatmeal, mundane though it may be, in celebration of the fact that I actually got to eat a real breakfast today. I had to round, so was still up at 4 am and in by 5, just in case the list had blown up over night. However, we finished rounds (complete with a little teaching) in time for me to eat breakfast by 9 am, so I held out for some proper oatmeal at home.

Definition – “Blowing up the list”: v. When the list of patients to be followed/taken care of on the service in the hospital gets significantly bigger in a short period of time. For example, overnight. On OB it means a lot of patients delivered the day before. Sometimes if we’re covering Labor & Delivery the day before we’ll already be familiar with them, but often they’re new to us and we have to sort out the history in the morning. We’re getting the hang of it, but I like to have plenty of time.

It turned out that the list hadn’t blown up at all, but since it did the day before, we were prepared and ended up with extra time to study.

Tomorrow it’s back to the bar diet, but there’s only a couple weeks left until rotation finals and Christmas break. I’m not in a rush I guess, there’s still lots to learn, but I’ll be happy when we get there.

And then I can eat more oatmeal.