Christmas Staycation.

Ryan S., First Year Medical StudentI’ve been told that although medical school continues steadily becoming more difficult through the first two years, things can actually get a little easier as we adapt to the onslaught of information and learn what is most important, how to study more efficiently, etc.

That didn’t sound nearly interesting enough, so we decided to liven things up by adding kids to the mix (just kidding, that’s not why we did it!):

We’ll probably learn the gender in a few more weeks, but its not due until late June. I’m excited! Maybe it’ll finally force me to figure out that “study efficiently” stuff.

Other than that I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the holiday break, getting all my time-wasting activities out of the way so I can hit the books with renewed vigor on Monday.

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About Ryan

I'm a first-year medical student at Loma Linda University. I'm married and have two small miniature pinschers, Suki and Mika, who serve reasonably well as surrogate children. I have almost no idea what I want to specialize in at this point, so I'm just focusing on learning and enjoying as much as I can. I enjoy hiking, snowboarding, philosophy, and science fiction.

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