Filling My Current Role

Stephanie, Second Year Medical StudentWow it’s been awhile.  December was a CRAZY month with classes wrapping up, integrated tests to take, mock-boards to study for and take, and of course, Christmas :).  Looking back it was a bit of a whirl-wind month and I couldn’t really tell you where most of the time went.  BUT, it was a good month and everything turned out well.  My husband and I enjoyed some much needed time home in IL with our families and we are ready to “hit the ground running” for 2012.

As I’ve begun to settle back into the routine of daily life I have been reflecting a bit on something a student interviewing for admission to the medical school asked me last month during a tour I was giving.  During my introduction it was pointed out that I contributed to the blog for the School of Medicine at LLU, and one of the students asked me about it later on in the afternoon.  The part that struck me was the fact that he asked me “Why?” – as in why do I blog (what do I get for doing it).

I have to admit, I was caught off guard by the question because to be honest the thought hadn’t really crossed my mind before.  I was asked to contribute to the blog intended to give perspective students some insight into medical school life, I agreed, and I didn’t really think twice.  I ultimately told the student that I did it to help those following a similar path to the one I’m on and that was that, the conversation was over.

Because I tend to replay conversations in my head, however, it wasn’t completely over for me.  So, here is what I have come up with for “why”…….

My deepest desire/passion is for helping others.  This is why I want to be a doctor, and it’s what keeps me going when studying seems almost unbearable.  Right now, one of the simplest/best ways I can do that is by contributing to this blog (at least I’d like to think this helps SOMEONE 🙂 ).  The life of a medical student is crazy busy (in case you haven’t already gotten that impression from all the stories on this site….), so right now this is where I can fill the role I have been given and strive to fill it well.

As simple as it sounds, I know and have accepted the fact that my role at this point in life is being a medical student, striving to do that well, and realizing that I can’t do EVERYTHING that I may want to do/get involved with.  I’m thankful to be able to start the new year with a focused and driven perspective and I trust that it will guide me through some tough months of preparation for the Step 1 USMLE exams in May (May 23rd for me to be exact 🙂 ).