Welcome to Portland

Kari, Third Year Medical StudentHappy New Year everyone!

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas.

Now we’re back at it and I’m blessed to be living in Portland for my Family Medicine rotation. It’s through Portland Adventist and I’m living in the nursing student dorm. It’s only a month and I wish it were longer, but I’ll take what Northwest I can get.

My house, Nov 2010.

I grew up in Salem and being close to my family for the month will probably just make me miss them more than ever, but it’s worth it. It’s rainy and a little cold but I feel right at home.

So here’s what I know about Family medicine so far from this week: It’s pretty cool.

Just today we did everything from a pediatric asthma check and an excisional biopsy for a skin lesion to anxiety, chronic pain, and made a house call to an adult foster care home.

I can already tell this will be over before I’m ready.

And to my friends home in Loma Linda – good luck, keep working hard, see you soon!