Reflections on marriage with medical and dental school…

Ingrid, Second Year Medical StudentSo my husband, Devon, is a 4th year dental student, and I am a 2nd year medical student.  Life is crazy as you can expect. And yes, we did this voluntarily to ourselves. My husband just took his 4th year boards today and was studying frantically during for the last several weeks. As he is finishing, I am beginning to study for my boards which I take on May 23.  Our schedules never sync so time together is rare.  So over break, I was inspired at 6:45 am to play the bard and jot down some of my amusing thoughts on this matter.

The alarm goes of at a ghastly hour
Time to get up, time to shower
I start to study there’s no time to loose
While Devon continually hits the snooze
With ten minutes till, Devon gets up
Time to get dressed in dark blue scrubs
Toward Prince Hall, to the dungeon descend
He’s greeted with patients to whom he must tend
“You need a crown! Please don’t frown.”
Rubber dam, thank you ma’am
Suction please to get out that cheese
Shame on you, a carry on two
One must floss or a tooth may be lost
The madness of clinic, there’s nothing to it
For Devon the ever astute dental student
Meanwhile in alumni hall
I feel I know nothing, nothing at all
Of signs to diagnose COPD
Of learning to read an EKG
Burkitt’s lymphoma, those darn hematomas
Verapimil, lisinopril, and everything else that cures the ill
With pharm I doubt I have sanity still
Torsades de points, inflammation in joints
Cranial nerve seven sends taste buds to heaven
Augmentin, Cementum, the strange and unsightly gastrocolic omentum
Strep and staph and anaerobes, panic stricken agoraphobes
I learn the perils of agranulocytosis
While Devon does battle with foul halitosis
I find parietal cells make hydrogen choride
While Devon explains the powers of fluoride
With growing concern he probes a deep pocket
While pathophys tempts me to finger a socket
With lidocaine he numbs the pain
While at the library I still remain
My neck is sore my butt’s asleep
While Devon is busy with appointments to keep
So here’s our life until the day
A beautiful event arrives in May
When Devon will finally graduate
And all of us will gather to celebrate
As he marches to get his degree
I will rejoice for I will be free
To buy what I want at Anthropologie
Hello Nordstroms bonjour J Crew
Oh how much I have missed you…
But in the near future you will see
I will come visit more frequently
And all through this chaos the truth must be told
Its nice to have Devon to have and to hold

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  1. Ingrid…you are so talented…I don’t know if you should be a doctor or a writer! Love your poem! Oh, and my dear friend, when you’re on your way to JCrew, don’t forget to invite me too! 🙂

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