My Professor’s Birthday

Ryan B., Second Year Medical StudentDr. Pepper.  You may be asking yourself, “Why would the first thing Ryan wants to bring to mind be arguably the greatest beverage of all time?” Well my dear reader, while it may be a seemingly silly thing to mention, Dr. Pepper has played an important role in my education as a medical student.

While attending lecture is all about business, here at Loma Linda University we like to throw a little spontaneity into the routine of learning, just for fun.  About two weeks ago, one of our professor’s was having a birthday.  Dr. Werner has been teaching med students at Loma Linda since 1985, helping more than 4.5 thousand students reach their ultimate goal of a degree in medicine.  Today, he currently works as the course director of both pharmacology and pathophyisiology, two classes that are extremely challenging, yet very rewarding. With no exception to our class, he has spent a huge amount of time helping us achieve our potential, whether it be through sharing his wisdom through lecture, meeting with students one-on-one, or taking extra time to create illustrations and animations that help us learn.  The class of 2014 thought it might be fun to show our appreciation by throwing a little “party” at the end of one of his lectures.

Here’s where the Dr. Pepper comes in: Dr. Werner loves the taste! He is routinely seen giving one of his lectures while periodically stopping to sip the refreshing beverage.  And I can’t argue with the tradition; Dr. Pepper is my absolute favorite thing to drink! Anyways, we based our entire little party on this love of the “23 unique flavors,” and the gesture was greatly appreciated.  Because pictures speak much louder then words, following is a montage of the event, captured for your enjoyment! Thanks to my classmate John Shin for providing the pictures!

After receiving an email from our class president, asking for ideas, I remembered back to early in MS1, when I was trying to study cardiac physical diagnosis.  Trying to channel Dr. Werner’s knowledge, I sloppily “fixed” my study beverage to reflect someone with more medical knowledge then this so called “Dr. Pepper.”

171144_523638562817_85600854_30644298_3920261_oThe Drink Of Med Students

After remembering the can, I thought it might be cool to see if such an item could become a reality.  I got in contact with one of my friends who is a graphic designer, and about a week later, the image in my head became reality! I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!

IMG_1056Thirsty Anyone?

Looks authentic, doesn’t it? Anyways, the day of the event arrived, and Dr. Werner proceeded to give his lecture.  Today we were learning about renal pathophysiology, specifically issues with water balance.

325687_10150593743026101_577541100_11134666_2039484085_oHyponatremia: Not Really an Issue with Salt, but with Water!

341058_10150593742861101_577541100_11134664_1961325883_oClassmate Martha Henao Gets Her Cake Ready to Present to Dr. Werner

415823_10150593743171101_577541100_11134667_1452346893_oClassmate Julian Martinez Leads the Class in an Electric Rendition of Happy Birthday

339924_10150593743356101_577541100_11134671_2114424258_oHe Seems Entertained, No?

322503_10150593743491101_577541100_11134674_150888072_oLights, OUT!

412941_10150593743676101_577541100_11134676_207103042_o“Oh darn, I missed one!”

322735_10150593743796101_577541100_11134678_822611185_oPausing to Refresh

327716_10150593744136101_577541100_11134682_1961283998_oInside the Card Says, “You were born!”

332670_10150593744266101_577541100_11134684_888100039_oI Finally Get to Showcase the Bottle

324818_10150593744386101_577541100_11134686_1174239597_oHe LOVED It!

323726_10150593745101101_577541100_11134690_1254432964_o“Hey look, there’s me!”

330293_10150593744916101_577541100_11134688_1616884448_oOur Class Watches Gleefully

After our mini-presentation, we quickly assembled outside for a group photo:

IMG_1063Getting Set Up

IMG_1062Everyone Say Cheese!

326493_10150593745251101_577541100_11134692_1850261195_oLLUSM c/o 2014: Dr. Pepper for Life!

Here’s a close up shot of the bottle.  This was a “practice” bottle that we did not actually give; the wrapper became a little worn in the process of affixing it to the bottle! Those things are a lot harder to put on then you’d think!

413628_10150593745521101_577541100_11134694_182265493_oJust How I Pictured it!

One thing that has always impressed me about Loma Linda is how the faculty and staff have shown to be so personable. No our class wasn’t trying to earn extra favor by doing this (nor am I in the blog!), but when a professor is able to connect with a class on this level, you can’t help but be grateful. It’s always been a stereotype or fun joke that professors in med school are out to get you, to shatter your dreams of obtaining that precious MD. While we are pushed to our limits and beyond, I challenge you to find another school out there that cares as much about it’s students’ success as Loma Linda does. It’s just one of the reasons I am grateful to be here!

323510_10150593745851101_577541100_11134696_30863258_oFrom L to R: John Shin, Dr. Werner, Class President Andrew Song, Julian Martinez

339291_10150593745686101_577541100_11134695_622669201_oWe Could Probably Sell This On Campus and Make a Fortune!

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3 thoughts on “My Professor’s Birthday

  1. I am not sure if Dr. Werner remembers me still. I was a student came from Japan studied English and Medicine simultaneously in LLU Medical School after I was kicked out of Japanese medical school due to Sabbath problem. I enjoyed Dr. Werner’s lecture. Although I was somehow handicapped for English, I decided remember everything what he said in lectures. As the results, thereafter, I have never had shortage of knowledge of physical examinations and skills in any medical institutes outside of Loma Linda. I finished neurology residency program in University of Wisconsin, and finished fellowship in Rush Medical School, and now I teach medical students what I learned from Dr. Werner. God bless Dr. Werner.

    Hisanori Hasegawa, M.D. (Class of 86/87)
    Clinica Assistant Professor, Michigan State University

  2. Hey Ryan. I’m a 2nd year medical student in Louisiana and I found y’alls LLU medical student blog via the topics search option. I really enjoy all of your blogs about med. school life, and I think its really cool to see what other med. students across the country are going through right now at their schools. Just thought I’d stop by and leave a comment. Take it easy bud.

  3. Thanks for the comments, I really appreciate the support and am glad to hear that it is being enjoyed. Best of luck in your studies, we are almost done with the heavy book work part!!! I’m so excited! 🙂

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