Things to Do Prior to Exams (Besides Study)

The week prior to exams I am the most productive in everything except in what I actually need to do.  Even in undergrad, whenever there was an exam coming up, you can count on me working on an assignment that wasn’t due for a few weeks.  Some may call it procrastination, but I call it shifting my productivity to other areas.
For example:

Usually my room is clean, but I always get an extremely strong urge to clean my room from top to bottom, and reorganize everything.

I also read dozens of news articles.  Normally I try to keep up with things going on in the world by reading a few articles and watching a news show or two (namely The Colbert Report).  But during test week I am the most informed on things that are happening globally and locally.  I’m like a walking newspaper.

I tend to pick up new hobbies, or return to old ones.  I used to love painting my nails and coming up with designs, but some time in undergrad I stopped.  I recently picked it up again two weeks ago, and have changed my nail designs almost every day.  My latest endeavor?  Trying to figure out how to paint my nails for Super Bowl Sunday (specifically, how to shrink this to fit this onto my ring fingers):

(Go Giants!)

A few other things I have done in the past two weeks:

  • Wrote a blog post (or three, two I still have to revise)
  • Brushed up on my french
  • Caught up with friends, old and new
  • Started a novel
  • Brought my car to the mechanic (again)
  • Searched for plane tickets to and from Nigeria (a post about that soon)
  • Scheduled my study time for the next set of exams (!!!)

I was going to draw this blog post out, but I realized I would be procrastinating.

Okay, so maybe I do procrastinate.  But at least I am being productive in other areas of my life.  It’s not like I watched nearly 8 seasons of The X-files in the past two weeks.  Oh wait…

Disclaimer: While it may seem like I get no studying done, I pretty much study 6 days a week, from the time that I get out of class until about an hour before I fall asleep.  What worked for me for the past two sets of exams is not to study too much right before the exams.  If I do, I obsess and try to memorize every tiny detail, which is an extremely ineffective method of studying in medical school. (This is mainly for my mom so that she doesn’t think I sit around and do nothing out here…hi Mom!)

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