My Glue Stick

Ryan B., Second Year Medical StudentTracing. Probably the 1st grade homework assignment I hated the most!  As we moved through the alphabet, learning how to properly inscribe each new letter, I was BORED. Plain and simple.  Just imagine my little ADHD brain trying to find the point in tracing an uppercase J, then a lowercase j.  Tracing an uppercase K, then a lowercase k. Even if they were dashed and incomplete, the letters on my page were clearly already written.  So if I already knew how to write basic letters, why did I have to practice when I could be outside, running around to my heart’s content? I at least wanted to do something more engaging with my mind, something that would help the focus a little better. Uppercase L, lowercase l. Uppercase M, lowercase m.

Needless to say, whatever it was that I turned in usually got pretty low marks… much to the chagrin of my parents. 😉 It probably looked a little something like this:

IMG_1184First grade wasn’t the best year of my life, that’s for sure! But even now, as I laugh at the idea of what my teacher must have had to put up with having me in her classroom, I can’t help but notice some similarities between then and now.  Even though I so desperately wanted to do something more challenging, I couldn’t learn how to spell words or write paragraphs until I first mastered the art of writing letters.

That’s the frustrating thing about medicine right now. While the sciences fascinate me and I wouldn’t rather be studying anything else, I’m getting so antsy to try some actual patient care.  The last two years of sitting on my duff all afternoon and studying have taken their toll, and most of us second years long for the days when we might feel more like a doctor and less like we’re still in undergrad.  But until we first get a good grasp of the basic sciences, we can’t even pretend we’ll be ready to take on any actual patients.  To put it succinctly, we must first learn how the body works before we can learn how it becomes diseased, before we can learn how to treat it, before we can actually put that into practice and influence someone’s life.

Patience… one step at a time. (no pun intended?)

And that’s where the glue stick comes into play… Maybe I thought those elementary art projects were useless, but who knew they would be helping me construct microbiology flash cards some day?  Adding to the base that will lead me to the next phase of my education, it sure helped me put parasitology into my brain for our last set of exams:

IMG_1124So with only two more rounds of exams left, one BIG national board exam to climb over, and lots of questions still left to be answered, I continue on.  So close… and yet so far away!  The pieces of the puzzle are slowly and continuously building into a much larger picture… and then the next level of the adventure begins! I can’t wait!

In the mean time, let me show you how to get ahead in medical school:

IMG_1155The Deans and I, From L to R: Dr. Nyirady (let me into school), Me, Dr. Lamberton (getting me through school), and Dr. Hadley (head dean of it all)

I am of course, once again kidding, haha, but the Freshmen recently celebrated “Family Day”, and so after seeing the three standing together following the Friday evening dedication service, I couldn’t help but sneak in for a picture with some of the more famous figures on campus. 🙂

And with that my mind snaps back to other things… such as skin rashes and the pathophyisiology of stomach disease.

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