Peace and Faith

Tamara, Fourth Year Medical StudentThe future is so close now. My whole universe is tightly focused upon one simple piece of paper – I will read it in 12 hours.

My soul is quiet.  No more doubts, no more uncertainty.  The residency matching process is so hectic, that perhaps it’s only human to place hope in a Greater Power guiding the chaos.  Even so, I cannot deny how faith has supported me in this journey.

Reflecting back on my journey, it is irrefutably clear – God placed the people and events in my life that have led me to this quiet, monumental pause.  I am humbled by His plan…you know when I entered college I vehemently stated I would NEVER become a physician? Now look at me, 12 hours from stepping into my future as a young doctor, and utterly grateful that my college-age self had some celestial sense knocked into her.  I’m laughing, and I find myself saying:

‘Ok fine God, You win this round of life planning.  I suppose I’ll trust you for the next adventure too.’

As I watch the hours tick by, my faith and peace grow.  It is ever so comforting to look back, and see the wonders God has given me at Loma Linda.  His hand was guiding my path the whole time. It’s undeniable – I did not get here alone.  And no matter where I go next year, I will not go alone.

Wish me luck.

One thought on “Peace and Faith

  1. Congratulations! No you did not get there alone and I am happy to “hear” you are taking our Heavenly Father with you your next adventure. Have you surrendered all of your life to Him? Every nook, cranny, relationship, desire, fault? Do you know exactly what it means to be a Christian physician? It means so much more than you’ve learned at LLU. Pause for another moment to know what it really means bfore you step into tomorrow. Blessings and success to you with all that means in Gods will for you – Dr’s Mom

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