Hunker Down and Learn

In my last post, I wrote about how it felt a little jarring that there was just one week left of third year.

And now I’m on the other side, studying to take the USMLE Step 2 in one week. I would say I’m appropriately nervous.

After a very positive final week in the Adolescent Partial unit (with plenty of learning right to the end), my classmates and I took some final exams – Family Mock Board, Ethics, and the CCSE [Comprehensive Clinical Science Examination] – it’s supposed to be predictive of our Step 2. That was depressing.

The good news? I passed them all so far. Though we haven’t heard from ethics, and it was kind of hard.

Still – in celebration of these milestones, I have made the following change:

From this:

To this:

That’s right, the pager signature has gone from MS3 to MS4.

And now that I’ve reminded you, if you’re in my class you should probably change yours too.

Unless you’re trying to blend in with the third years, which I hear might not be a bad idea – you guys are apparently pretty smart.

And now I’m here:

Oregon. Home.

What better place to spend a few days studying?

I get to see my sister:

Mom takes good care of us. Like with food. And love.

And I even found some gelato.

Why hello there.

So in this time of transition, good luck to those second years now enjoying their last summers and to the third years who’ve just started a brand new roller coaster of a year (I’ll see a few of you on Peds in about a week).

And to my fellow new fourth years, I know it’s a busy time for us, whether it’s Step 2 in a week or getting ready for important career-focused rotations,   so I just hope you’re having a great week. Do something fun.

And change your pager.

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