It’s Time for Year Three!

Everyone has their own unique story about what has brought them to medical school.  For some of my classmates, it has been a long, hard journey that has taken them many years.  Others, like myself, endured through four tough years of college and were then blessed to move immediately onto the next phase of our education.  I don’t think either path is better (or worse) and the diversity is what I think makes a medical school class so great.  One of the coolest things about starting medical school was learning about everyone in our class and what had brought each of us to one common point.

It has now been two years since we all first met and SO MUCH has happened.  We’ve survived the first two years of grueling coursework with all of the studying, memorization, and labs.  It’s been tough (and many of us have had little hiccups along the way, definitely myself included), but never-the-less we have continued to push forward and work towards the calling God has given each of us.

Two weeks ago all the MS3‘s were gathered together to begin the next chapter of our education––the clinical applicational part.  We have now officially been “prepared” for what will be thrown at us as we seek to learn in a more hands-on environment than we have previously been accustomed to.  For many of us, this is EXACTLY what we have been looking forward to (I can’t even begin to explain how much I have been looking forward to being out of the lecture hall and into the medical offices/hospitals).  It is, however, a little bitter sweet––we won’t see all our friends every single day in lectures, we won’t have a set schedule that makes planning ahead feasible, and (perhaps most terrifying of all) we will have patients relying on us to help provide them with quality care.  We have been VERY well prepared and there is nothing that will hold the Class of 2014 back, believe me, but I can’t help but be at least a little apprehensive as we start out :).

We have pagers!


And white coats with our names embroidered :).

So, here’s to another great (yet very different) year to all of my classmates in the LLUSM Class of 2014!