Olympic Class Classmates

I finally met some future classmates for our incoming class of 2016! As I parked my car at Hulda Crooks Park, I wondered how I was going to find a group of med students I’ve never met. I was surprised at how quickly I could pick out a group of eager strangers. The afternoon was spent tossing water balloons as shot puts, or in my case exploding them before even leaving my hand, racing through playground obstacles, and ice block curling. Yes, sitting on blocks of ice and speeding down a grass hill. My favorite part, as usual in any new social setting for me, was the chatter that took place. The background stories, commonalities found, and sarcastic comments followed by disclaimers to avoid misunderstandings, all came together for some fun conversations.
After tossing on the gold and silver bead necklaces to the proud winners, we wanted to keep hanging out, so the idea came up to get together for some worship. As we shared our journeys of getting to LLU, we pointed out how each of us saw God’s hand at work, how He shaped us and brought us through the daunting journey of admission. We ended in prayer, and I left refreshed and inspired. Inspired by a new group of classmates who are here to learn to be servants. So bring on this challenging year, because I am excited to walk next to some bright minds and giving hearts!

IMG_0606Here’s a shout out to our other blogger, Paige, for the planning and execution of this fun day, especially the yummy cupcakes!

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  1. Been reading a lot of these blogs for the past few weeks and they are all awesome and entertaining! I noticed you went to nursing school before medical school. I’m currently in nursing school, hoping to pursue medical school afterwards, I’d love to ask you some questions about all of that, if at all possible when you have time! my email is dannyvlsn@gmail.com. Let me know! thanks and God bless! 🙂

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