True Success

My parents had three daughters, and I was the youngest.  I have noticed that youngest siblings are usually one of the following: Those that try to be like their older siblings, and those that do everything possible NOT to.  In my life, there have been so many positive influences from not only my siblings but also my parents that it has been natural to want to emulate what I admire in them.  My father, who is on his third career, is now a physician working in under-served areas, my mother is a nurse, my sister is in medical school, and my oldest sister is in law school.  For this reason, it’s hard for me to attribute my dreams, career aspirations, and even my values to any one thing; I grew into them as I  learned to love the people around me and experienced various situations.

After 18 years of living in (8 months of cold, but beautiful) Michigan, it was time to go to college. I knew that I couldn’t just go to any school for college.  Going to Oakwood University and majoring in Biomedical Science was a choice that I made because of the “family” environment, compassion of the professors, and high acceptance rate for minority students into medical school.  The first three years were a blur. Then, application process started! I am not even going to lie: It was a nightmare! From MCAT practice test blunders, to thousands of dollars spent on applications, essays, and interview travels, I thought that I wouldn’t make it out.  But you know what? You do. I can almost look back on the whole experience and say that it was the best time of my life. No, I am not crazy.  I can only say this because I grew closer to God, and I learned how important it is to have people around you who genuinely love you and are willing to help at every step.  For me, getting into medical school was not the greatest success of my life.  It was realizing the true value of the people around me and deepening my relationship with Christ!

3 thoughts on “True Success

  1. Hi im trying to get information about Oakwood my son is interested in going to the University however we are comparing Oakwood verses Johnson Smith In North Carolina he is a computer science major, Can you give us any advice thanks so much.

  2. Hello, Mrs. Isaac! Thanks for your comment. I loved my experience at Oakwood because it really offered a balance between spirituality, good academics, and social life. If you and your son are interested in a school like that, than I highly recommend Oakwood. As biology majors my classmates and I were very ready to enter medical school. The professors and administration were not just interested in helping us get through school, but they also put a huge investment from day one in helping us to understand what would be expected of us in graduate school, and how to prepare for it. You feel like you are a part of a big family of people that are trying to get somewhere. I cannot speak for the particulars of the computer science program, but I have friends who graduated as Oakwood computer science majors, and are now at top institutions, such as Vanderbilt and Carnegie Mellon. I hope this helps! If you have any more questions, please let me know!

  3. Also, one last benefit to attending Oakwood. It is a school that has a great mission, and helps students to keep in mind the “bigger picture,” which is service to humanity and God.

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