Within the one and a half days of orientation, we met faculty, made new friends, donned our new white coats, signed up for extracurricular activities, went through the student handbooks (which is more impressive than you might think), and even got our first homework assignments. Rightfully so, for a Christian institution, those assignments were for our religion class, Orientation to Religion and Medicine.

As for all the new faces, I’m excited to get to know the administration, professors, and my classmates. I’m not very good with names, but I’m inspired by the faculty. I have already been approached and watched Dr. Lamberton, Associate Dean of Student Affairs, and Karen Schiller, Office Manager of Student Affairs, connecting the faces and names of every student. If they can do it, I can definitely try. Repetition also helps. I remembered some of my classmates from the alumni picnic and a get-together at Hulda Crooks planned by my fellow freshmen blogger Paige.

The personal connection with classmates and faculty and the school’s Christ-centered foundation are just a few of the reasons that moved me to apply to this university. LLUSM

Me and Dr. Hadley, Dean of the School of Medicine

was such a high priority for me that I chose to apply through the Early Decision Program (EDP) which only allows you to choose one school. And, I haven’t regretted my decision once.

Today, we start our Orientation to Medicine (shadowing doctors in the hospital)!

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