Where I Belong

The main reason I chose to blog this year is that I wanted my experiences to serve as an inspiration to those who are currently in the process of applying to medical school.  When I was in the process of going through the pre-med courses in undergrad and working on my application, I would read the LLUSM student blog regularly to remind myself of my ultimate goal.  It inspired me, challenged me to take a deeper look at my faith, and taught me a bit about what to expect in the future years.  Most importantly, reading the blog solidified my already strong desire to attend Loma Linda University because the stories the bloggers shared made it seem like a place where I would fit right in.  Now that I have experienced my first 2 weeks of orientation to medicine at LLUSM I can honestly say that I have found the place where I belong and I couldn’t be happier!  For all of you pre-med students out there who are reading this and looking to be inspired, all I can say is it’s worth the hard work and this school is even more incredible than you could ever imagine.

These past 2 weeks of orientation have included SO much!  We started off with a few days of basic orientation to policies and procedures, we received our white coats, we got a taste of what medicine is like on the wards, we had several incredible worship services, we took a personality test that taught us about how our personality best matches up with study techniques, we had a panel of physicians from all of the various specialties tell us about their fields, we had dinner at a faculty member’s home, and we had A LOT of fun!!!!!!

I feel so incredibly blessed to be in a place that gives first-year medical students these two weeks to spend time on the inpatient wards of hospitals and see what awesome things we have to look forward to after our two years of bookwork.  Even though I didn’t know much about any of the cases that our internal medicine team had on its service, the third year medical students on our team and the residents took the time to teach us as much as they could.  I learned that the proper presentation of the patient follows the SOAP acronym (Subjective Objective Assessment Plan).  I even got to practice presenting several patients using the SOAP method with my third year.  We also had the chance to interview a patient and gain a much deeper understanding of what it’s like for them to be in the hospital.  This interview taught me so much about what it means to be a doctor who can see a patient as a whole person instead of just a list of symptoms.

Remember how I mentioned all the fun?  Well, after these 2 weeks of med school I can honestly say that I am in LOVE with my classmates!  We have been spending time together almost every evening going ballroom dancing, playing volleyball at Drayson Center, going to the beach, having game nights and movie nights, going to church together, and having our own mini vespers.  It seems like I’ve known these people forever and yet we’ve only just met.  It’s the people in our life that make it worthwhile and I couldn’t feel more blessed to have made these new friendships.

If you can’t already tell how much I love this school, then let me just clarify…coming to Loma Linda University is the best decision I have ever made.  If you are a pre-med student looking for a school where whole person care is a priority, where faith and science are fused seamlessly into a first-rate medical curriculum, where each class begins with the acknowledgement of God’s guiding hand, and where the people are genuinely kind, loving, and Christ-centered, then look no further because Loma Linda University lives up to its mission of training doctors who want to continue the healing and teaching ministry of Jesus Christ.

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