In Real Life

It seems like just a moment ago I wrote my last post about my experience with USMLE Step 1 & 2 and here we are 2 months later.

Fortunately you’ve had a ton of great new bloggers sharing all kinds of experiences.

So in my real life recently here’s the quick update:

Things I’ve Been Doing

Thing 1: Sub-Internship. During the month of July I had my Sub-I on Pediatrics Team G. Pediatrics does not mess around. Don’t think that just because you get to work with kids it’s all naps and snacks. I know you didn’t think that. Truth though: It was the absolute best time I’ve had so far in medical school career. It was plenty of hard work, but I loved it and it was very encouraging that I’m applying to the right specialty. And hello to our Team G third years – you were great!

Thing 2: I got married. In the midst of the Sub-I, I was also going home at night and sorting out details for my wedding, because on Aug 4 this happened:

And so I’m happily married. If you want, you can see more pictures at our photographer’s blog here.

Thing 3: Travel. Then we went to Mexico for a honeymoon. I got wicked sunburnt but of course it was great.

Thing 4: Moving. I moved in with my new husband, which is always a hassle – the moving, not the new husband – and we furnished our apartment.

Thing 5: Step 2 CS, I’ll write a separate post on that.

Thing 6: Away elective. I took off to Ohio, from which I write, for a 4 week away elective in Pediatric Infectious Disease at Dayton Children’s Medical Center through Wright State University. While I’m here I get to live with my sister, who just got a new dog. We named him Dobby. I mean look at those little house-elf ears.

To put it plainly, it’s been a busy couple months and my head’s spinning a bit.

I’ve been in Ohio a week, and I feel like I’m finally settled enough that I can take a deep breath. This is important, because in just a couple weeks, it’s time to submit a residency application.

It never stops. I think that’s great.