4th Year Rotations and Residency Applications

Hi there!  A lot of things have happened in the past month.  I  will go over some of them with you.

1. I’ve completed my Preventive Medicine rotation. 

This is one of the required 4th year rotations, and it allows us to gain perspectives in unique areas of medicine.  I shadowed many different multidisciplinary health professionals including dietician, speech pathologist, public health officer, family therapist, and massage therapist.  I also got to learn from specialists in TB, HIV, PM&R, Occupational Medicine, and of course Preventive Medicine.  There are many other professionals that students could learn from as well.  We actually get to choose, which is always fun.  I feel like I gained an appreciation for their services, while also learning more about when I will be able to utilize them for my own patients.

During the Prev Med rotation, we also conducted a quality Improvement project.  This was a chance for me to learn about how to assess a problem and take steps to fix it.  As a physician, it will be important for me to influence improvements, especially with all the changes that health care will see in the next few years.

I even got to spend an afternoon teaching elementary students about the circulatory system and about magnets.  The kids were very energetic and mildly wild, but the teachers reassured us that they appreciated our help.  I really enjoy teaching!

Prev Med emphasizes lifestyle changes to promote optimal health.  We have lectures on different topics of public health, which have taught me things I hadn’t thought of.  During this rotation, I felt like I learned a lot about my own health habits and how to improve them too.  Overall, I enjoyed Prev Med, and it is something for all other medical students to look forward to.

The time requirements are also some of the least demanding out of all the rotations in medical school.  This was great because it gave me time to work on my residency applications.  This leads me into another thing I did this month…

2. I submitted my residency applications.

I spent a lot of time working on my applications.  I started writing my personal statement in the beginning of June and didn’t really have it the way I wanted it until mid-August.  I actually had ideas written down since the beginning of my 3rd year.  Personal statements are difficult to start, but I had fun writing it once I started.  Although it can be hard and sometimes annoying to write personal statements, it truly is an opportunity for us to express who we are and our interests apart from our numbers.  The other parts of the application were pretty straightforward.  We just have to provide descriptions of our work, volunteer, and research experience.  Since I’ve been keeping an updated list of my activities since 1st year, I just transferred things over and added some descriptions here and there.  So to anyone reading this who is not yet a 4th year, I would recommend keeping a list of activities you participate in, and update it every time you do something new.  It will make your life so much easier!

My personality is ENFJ, so the “J” part of my personality made me finish my application early (around early September), so I would be able to submit when it opens, which was last weekend.  I also asked for my recommendations early on (July-August and some even earlier in the year), so I had 3 recommendation letters ready in my file when I submitted.  Again, I recommend doing things early (unless of course if you are a “P” and don’t mind putting things together last minute).

Application fees can be expensive too.  Plan on spending from $200 to $1,000 or more, depending on how many programs you apply to.  And traveling to interviews, especially out-of-state, will cost even more.  Start saving up!

For anyone who is interested, you can read more about residency applications here: https://www.aamc.org/students/medstudents/eras/

3. I’ve already gotten a few interview offers!

This week was so exciting because I have already been offered interviews.  This was surprising to me because programs have not even received my Dean’s letter, which is a summary of medical school activities, grades in every class, rankings, and more.  This will not be available for programs to see until October 1 this year.  However, even without my Dean’s letter, programs have invited me.  I guess applying early was the right way to go!

4. I will be starting my Internal Medicine Subinternship next.

For the next few weeks, I will be working at the White Memorial Medical Center in LA.  I’m pretty excited.  I’ll let you know how it goes later!

5. Looking ahead to the future!

Last month, I had some disappoints.  Although life can sometimes bring sadness and challenges, I know there is hope. I prayed, asking for a better tomorrow, and I felt like He has answered my prayers.  Every day this month has been better than the last!

I look forward to more good news to come!  Thanks for reading, and have a nice day!

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