First Test Week Ever

Test week was a blur of notes, PowerPoints, and clicking through the ExamSoft software. The emotions were a flow of extremes. Anxiety before the tests. Joy after the test–until you start asking your friends what they put. Then, a lack of motivation to go through the notes in the evenings, but frantic flipping the next morning. And for me, the most sleep time in med school because I didn’t want to waste time, yet my brain was too tired to study.

In the thick of it all, it is easy to forget the reason why you are putting yourself through the exorbitant amounts of stress. But, you need your purpose, friends, and family to get you through the week and upcoming weeks.

So, after 326 questions, 480 minutes of testing, and one glorious, completely free weekend (well almost… we did have an anatomy quiz), the routine starts again. Yea, med school.

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About jannamv

Hi! I am an incoming med student with mixed feelings for the year ahead. I’ve heard pretty much all the stories: inspiring, encouraging, horror, etc. But now, it’s my turn to live and tell my story, and to help others do the same. Broadening my horizons at Pacific Union College with a Public Relations/Journalism major, I am excited to get back into the sciences. “I want to be a doctor,” has been my goal since I could form complete sentences. And, believing in the school’s mission—“to further the healing and teaching ministry of Jesus Christ ‘to make man whole,’” following in the footsteps of my relatives, and playing Pomp and Circumstance on the flute for five LLUSM graduating classes, I dreamed of studying only at one medical school: Loma Linda University School of Medicine.