live. love. VOLUNTEER.

I have this big button that I got in college that is on my backpack that says “Live. Love. Volunteer.” The pin always tends to fall out of place and inconveniently pokes my finger when I reach for my backpack, but I always put it back in place because every time I see those 3 words I recount back to when the last time I had volunteered was. During exam seasons during first and second year, it would seem like weeks or even months since I had and I would feel secretly ashamed for having that button declaring to the world that I was promoting service. But that pin helps remind me that most times it is just that simple and that I should just get out there. To live, you must love. To love like Jesus you must volunteer your time to others when it seems to cost the most.

So if you feel called to give some of your time to serving others, come join your fellow peers in these opportunities to do so!

Street Medicine
If you desire to serve the homeless population, here is an exciting new project started by a few medical students last year. I feel like the video above speaks volumes on what the mission and heart of the project are. Visit the Street Medicine website to get more information on how you can start volunteering and stay tuned for exciting leadership opportunities coming up!

Healthy Neighborhood Projects
As one of the Co-Directors for Healthy Neighborhood Projects (HNP), the rest of the team and I have been excited for the influx of new volunteers who want to be involved in the lives of the kids in our community. The faculty advisers and student leaders met in August for a rewarding and informative leadership seminar so that we would know how to best serve the projects this year.

2012-08-16 10.57.08
Learning about the population and city of San Bernardino.

Project leaders (Clockwise from top left): Project Hope ladies, Special Ops’ Neil Patel, CAPS’ Tina Pruna and CPC mother who generously provided lunch, CKC Tutoring’s Chris Chung and Aldo Espinoza, and CKC Music’s Ariana Anugerah.

We then had a chapel service dedicated to service in September, and Dr. Marti Baum spoke about the various community projects including:

  • Project Hope: mentoring expectant teen moms weekly
  • CKC Tutoring: tutoring youth ages 5-16 weekly
  • CKC Music: giving youth ages 5-18 violin, piano, and cello lesson weekl
  • Special Ops: mentoring 5th and 6th grade “at-risk” boys by participating in sports and outdoor activities weekly
  • Kids ROCK: Teaching kids about Christ through skits, activities, Bible stories, and more every Saturday
  • Community Parent Connection: program for parents including monthly meetings, ESL, nutrition, computer literacy, health courses, and more
  • SACHS Clinic: providing low-cost medical care to the uninsured and underserved
  • Street Medicine: newest service project serving the homeless by offering free medical care at weekly clinic and street walks

2012-09-05 11.22.14
It’s not too late to get involved. You can visit the website or message me to get started!

I can’t wait to share all the more incredible things we do this year!


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