Scheduling a Blur?!

Looking back at my week it was completely a blur! At times it seemed that everything was moving so fast that it seemed impossible that I could get everything done. Excitement, anticipation, worry, the occasional thoughts of I don’t know what is happening, I think I remember hearing that term before, or woah that’s a scary looking rat (Don’t worry it was a laboratory rat) were just some of the feelings and thoughts I had during my first week.

A typical day that I had to encounter last week was waking up early in the morning to study, fighting the seemingly endless brigade of cars in the infamous Lot X, so that I can arrive to my lab (early of course), taking a quick break for lunch/study time, attending class, running to a scientific seminar, and finally a few more hours of studying in the library to end the day. And then I Rinsed, and Repeated the same thing again the next day…

Although my week seemed extremely busy, chaotic, and at times seemed impossible to plan anything; I was able to accomplish almost everything that I wanted because I had a schedule for each day. Planning a schedule helped me take each day one day at a time (sometimes even hours at a time haha).

Usually I don’t really like sticking to a schedule because it feels so restricting, but I realized that planning everything out and sticking to a schedule is really a great tool for helping people to be sane and balanced. Plus there are a lot of cool schedule and reminder apps in the Apple app store!

So I realized since sanity and balance are pretty important to me and essential for living. With my schedule I am able to create time for accomplishing necessary tasks for the day, leisure time, time to call friends and family, and time with God; basically all of things that are important to me.

I know that sticking to a schedule is much more easier said than done, and many days my schedule doesn’t always go as planned. But I’m still in the learning and trial phase, still trying to adjust and tweak it here and there. Hopefully after awhile I will get the hang out of it. I know that everything can never go exactly as planned, but planning out my days as proved very helpful so far, and I hope it continues to assist me.