….the Marathon Test

“On your mark.. Get set… Go!”

Usually those are the thoughts that you have when you start a race. However, these were the thoughts that I had as I started to take my very first exam!

The teacher did warn us that the test would be pretty long and that we would have “a good period of time to complete it.”

But when he wrote “3 Hours Remaining”

I never imagined that the test would really be four hours long! But Yes! It was in fact four intense hours of critical thinking questions ranging from calculations, derivations, and essay style questions!

Even though the test seemed really long at first, once I was engulfed in answering the questions, time seemed to go by rather quickly. And before I knew it I was on the last question..

Looking back, it was quite an experience. And surprisingly there was a smile on my face at the end. “It’s over now… And I did my best” was what I remember thinking.

So there is another 3 or 4 weeks until the next marathon test. I know its weird, but I’m not looking at it with dread or despair. I am sort of looking forward to it. It just means that I’m getting closer and closer to achieving my goals… Oh and Thanksgiving Break of course!

Until next time…

See you later!