So this post may seem a little random but…

Councilor’s Student Pavilion is really amazing! I’m actually in it right now as I’m typing this and I just realized that its an awesome place!

The Student Pavilion has a great study atmosphere (with headphones of course!), that has really comfortable chairs or tables that are useful for studying. It is also usually quiet for the most part and has a change in scenery and pace from the absolute zero noise and ominous silence that is the library.

Also the Pavilion makes eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner very convenient. Where else can you have a great study session, receive a 10% student discount on all food items, and have free Internet? (I honestly don’t know of another place, but if you do, Please tell me!)

And did I mention the food O_o!

Amazing fruit! Curry Wednesdays! Breakfast Burritos! Made-to-order custom Burgers!

Councilors Pavilion has it all and is extremely convenient, hence it being one of my favorite places on campus, and the random topic of my of my post today!

Until Next Time!

V O_o v