Waiting in airports

Right now, I am sitting at the Las Vegas airport waiting for my connecting flight. I have an interview tomorrow, and I’m pretty excited!  I’ve actually gone on a couple interviews already, but I feel like each one brings its own excitement and uncertainty.

2 weeks ago, I was also waiting at an airport but it was a little different. 2 weeks ago, I arrived at Ontario at 5:15am, which I thought would have been plenty of time to make a 6:20am flight. But man, the security line was the longest ever.  It went from the escalators all the way to the end of the baggage claim and snaked around a few feet! Once I got out of security, my flight was boarding.  I made it though. My only complaint was that I had to go to the bathroom, but the pilot never turned off the seat belt sign since it was a short flight to Las Vegas. However, I was happy that I was on a flight with no plane change, so I was able to relieve my bladder once it landed, and I didn’t need to search for my next gate.

The flight coming home 2 weeks ago was also a bit rushed. I made it to the airport early, and my flight was delayed. For this one, I had to change planes at Denver. Since my 1st flight was delayed, I pretty much ran to the next gate because my arrival time was about 10 minutes before my next departure. I made it of course. It also happened the flight was overbooked. They were asking people to give up their seats and get $300 in credits. I was so tempted. Too bad I had to go back to the hospital the next morning

Back to now, my plane has arrived. Today was not crazy at all. Security was a breeze and my 1st flight wears early. Actually my connecting flight is delayed so I have plenty of time. I guess that’s why I’m writing. I’m actually using my cell phone to blog all this stuff. Hopefully there isn’t too many grammatical or spelling errors. Please bear with me! Well, I’m going to board my flight soon. I’m just watching the “excited” people arrive in Las Vegas. Until next time, hope you’re having fun wherever you are!