Firsts and Lasts

Hi everyone.

Happy Mid-November––have you started the Christmas music yet? I have. Sweaters. Tea. I love this time of year.

This month I’ve been rotating in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. It’s a great place to learn and see lots of interesting cases and super sick kids – which is good for education, if a little heart-wrenching sometimes.

A couple things happened in the past week––some firsts and lasts.

First the Last: I did my last overnight call! I think it may be my last overnight call [as in, 28 hours straight] until I’m a senior resident with the new work hours, since we can’t do more than 16 at a time for interns. It seemed sort of weird, but I’m sure the time will fly by until I’m a senior and wondering how it could be only 1.5 years ago that I said, “Yay my last call for ages!”


Now a First: My first residency interview! I’ll be traveling in earnest after Thanksgiving, but while I’m still on rotation I just a have a couple local ones. I went over to Orange for the UCI/CHOC program, and I would say it was a positive experience. I also wore my new interview suit for the first time.

Here it is in my closet:

Why am I showing you a picture of my suit? Because of this:

Yes, that’s the stitch at the bottom of the jacket that holds the flaps together. I went through my WHOLE interview with it still there – and it was in the full X shape – I just had started to take it out before I took this picture.

So a word of caution, though I’m reasonably confident I’m the only one who would do this, take the tack stitches out of your new suit before you go try to make a good impression. Oh well.


Another First: the first day with a high below 70! [If you fact check me, you may find that’s not 100% true, I really have no idea. But do you really have time to fact check me? Get back to work, crazies.]

Anyway it was truly cold. I went out at 6:30 AM on Sunday and I looked like this:

And, because we’re all a bunch of cold-intolerant creatures down here, proof I’m not bundled up just because I’m a wimp:

28 degrees! It felt awesome.

And so that’s pretty much life in Loma Linda right now––rotations, interviews, finally a little cold.


As I start my national travels for interviews, I’ll keep you posted.

Now turn on some Christmas music. It’s time!