The Carrel

Alumni Hall is an important asset to second year medical students here at Loma Linda.  Not only are lectures and labs held here, but also there are numerous rooms with cubicles for us to study at, which only second year medical students have access to.  After persevering through the turf wars at the beginning of the year, I’ve established dominance at a specific cubicle.  It wasn’t that hard, all it took was being ever-present; luckily I am ever-studying.

The classmates that ended up in the carrel with me have become my comrades.  They’re a good group of people; good enough to hang out with even outside of the carrel.  And while we really do spend most of our time studying, there are occasions when we are not.  Thanks to my vigilance, below are images I’ve captured of the rare and elusive “non-studying second year med student”, who also happen to be my carrel comrades.

The Crew in our carrel (from left to right: Claudia, Justin(back) Bjorn, Christine, and Lauren)The crew in our carrel. From left to right: Claudia, Justin (back) Bjorn, Christine, and Lauren

Justin soaking in the sun on an unusually cold dayJustin soaking in the sun on an unusually cold day.

Picnic table with cockroach on itThis picture is the handy-work of Steve, a comrade who studies a couple carrels down from us but occasionally joins us for meals.  He found a cockroach at the picnic table we subscribe to.

group of students wearing trucker hatsClaudia passionately dislikes trucker hats, so we all conspired to wear them one day.  Jon, on the far left, has betrayed us and now studies in the library.

It was raining and Justin didn’t have a cover for his seat, so I shared mine.  We’ve got each others’ backs! and bikes!