5 Must Haves of MS2

I have finally returned from my 3 month or so hiatus. What happened since my last post? 2nd year happened… Need I say more? Well, In order to keep this post longer than a few sentences, I will provide future 2nd years (or 1st years) with a list of 5 essential MUST-HAVES that have helped me survive the 2nd year Apocalypse thus far:

1. Reusable, Durable, Multi-use Friends

The kind that you can use to study with, sit next to in class with, workout with, eat AYCE sushi with, jump into ice-cold water with, and sing “Dynamite” at 2 a.m. with.

2. Multi-colored pens

The more the merrier :). If you are a visual learner like me, you are going to be constantly clicking away during class as you switch from a black to red (something pathologic) to blue (mechanism of a disease) to green (medications for treatment), etc. You also look (and sound) smarter in class because you are furiously filling up your page with “beautiful” doctor-like handwriting.

3. Comfy Blanket + Eye shades

If you are lucky and are able to snag a study carrel (room) in Alumni Hall, you will also receive the rights to the “couch”! Now, no couch is complete without a suitable blanket. My personal favorite is a svelte, smooth Calvin Klein blanket from Costco. It will serve wonders when paired with your favorite eye shade as you drift off into a “30-min” power nap. Studying for 12+ hrs a day can become exhausting, so you will definitely need the energy boost.

4. Hot Beverage of Choice

I have recently discovered the wonders of hot water and lime/lemon! It keeps me awake through even the most mundane of classes and almost through the post-lunch-mental-crash. For the latter, you may need a bag of Green Tea or a trip to Starbucks.

5. High-quality Earbuds/Headphones

As you hammer away at your Pathophys and Pathology, you will realize that talking to yourself in silence is not nearly as cool as bobbing your head and tapping your foot to the latest Justin Bieber  song. Hey, in the event that you remember to stop studying and take care of your own body, you can use them on your run around campus.

Hope that these come in handy for you, because they certainly have done so for me (especially #1)!