…Something Fun!

This past week I had another exam….

After countless mornings and night hours of studying, another four hour “marathon” test, It was OVER! And I could finally get some precious sleep and be void of dreams about DNA nucleotide synthesis or the highly regulated biochemistry pathways of gluconeogenesis (And yeah I actually do dream about those things.. And Yes! It is kind of scary sometimes).

Since the exam was over, naturally I opted for some post-exam therapy. So I re-arranged and maneuvered some studying hours around, and was able to go see an NBA basketball game! Although it was the Los Angeles Clippers (aka not the Los Angeles Lakers) it was still exciting and was a great game to attend, I really enjoyed myself!

Also since I purchased the tickets from the Loma Linda University Student Services, I was able to receive my ticket, a free Blake Griffin t-shirt, free Clippers hat, and priceless memories of enjoying a night off from studying, and spending times with friends!

Overall, I’d say that I was a pretty happy camper!


My First Time at the Staples Center!!!


Right Before We Got In Line To Enter!


We Just Received Our Free Clippers T-shirts and Hats!!!


The Announcement of the Starting Lineups and the Beginning of the Game!

Until Next time… Over and Out!