Uh oh… do I want to do Ob/Gyn?

Hey readers!

My posts have been far and few these past months for which I apologize. After my 10-week surgery rotation, I lost a lot of momentum and I struggled to keep my energy level up during the next 10 weeks on my pediatric rotation. Now I am on week 3 of my 6-week Ob/Gyn rotation, and even though I am getting less sleep than when I was on surgery, I feel much more energized and on top of my tasks.

I’ve noticed a peculiar trend in myself. When I am working at a faster pace with a more rigorous schedule, I tend to be much more disciplined with my studies and my personal time even though I have less of it overall. In another words, less free time + less sleep = more work done + better energy. So while I don’t get tons of sleep, I do notice that my energy level is higher and that I feel more accomplished at the end of the day. Does anyone else notice this phenomenon or do most people function better with regular sleep and ample free time?

Anyways, back to my update. While I loved surgery and loved pediatrics, I am super loving Ob/Gyn. I mean, this is the specialty that I wanted to do before I came to medical school, and I have not been disappointed thus far! Even though waking up at 4 a.m. is brutal on the skin and I grumble out loud when walking over to the medical center in the (relative) cold, once I set my feet on the 3rd floor, I am (mostly) awake and on the go!

Having a phenomenal course coordinator (DeeDee) and course director (Dr. Hart) have only made this fast-paced, ever changing rotation so manageable and fascinating! And the attendings and residents I have worked with so far have been approachable, warm, and FUNNY. And minus several not-so-positive incidents like “tripping” my attending (eeek I still feel so horrible) and getting chastised by the scary scrub tech for grabbing the suture scissors from her mayo tray (I know my bad, but I picked up this bad habit from surgery), I have been having a really great experience. I feel like I am not only learning from the residents and in the OR, but that I am actually able to find time to read the textbook and retain information by repetition via these different modes.

So why am I saying “uh oh” you ask? Well, because Ob/Gyn comes with a price (as do all other specialties). Ob/Gyn has PRIMARY CARE (which is my focus), but it also has SURGERY (which I found to really enjoy when I was on surgery oncology). This means a 4 year residency for just general Ob/Gyn (+ more year for fellowship), long long hours, and a lot of foreseeable sacrifices. But I also love the fact that I can focus on women’s health and more specifically advocate for healthier and safer pregnancies through better rates and quality of preconception care  and prenatal care visits. My public health focus was racial disparities in preterm birth and preconception care, so I would be able to apply a lot of that to my future practice.

While I can envision myself as an Ob/Gyn, I also envision a life of balance between work and family. I know I signed my right to a 9-5 work schedule away when I came to medical school and that’s okay. But what I do want is to think ahead and choose a path that will be balanced for the well-being of not just myself but for my family and my patients.

It’s Thanksgiving this Thursday, which I am looking forward to eagerly! My best friend from college will be joining me and my family for a home-cooked Thanksgiving meal, and then maybe we’ll go do a little Black Friday shopping! I have so much to thank God for this year.

Happy Thanksgiving! -angiek

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your recent post and past posts. What is your secret for having all this much energy and drive? You sound so energetic with lack of sleep , I almost am envious of you. Anyways, thank you for nice article in your post. It’s a reminder for me to appreciate how much sleep I get. Keep up the good work, your in a very respectable profession to help people. God Bless.

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