New year!

Janna, First Year Medical Student

It’s a new year and time for new things! We received our first official final grades for a science course- biochemistry/genetics, and now have new classes: neuroscience, human behavioral science, and (for me) a medical ethics religion class. Within the first week, we have already covered the gross anatomy of the brain, learned how to empathize and encourage patients to adhere to a treatment, and faced the ethics of medicine in a documentary about a boy who became a girl and later went back to being a boy because his penis was burned off when he was 2 months old.

I also saw my first “patient” named Harvey in the Harvey Stimulation Lab for Physical Diagnosis. However, Harvey isn’t quite like the normal patient; he’s a robotic head and torso lacking limbs but complete with heart murmurs, pulses, and JVPs. His abdomen even rises when he “breathes”. He helped integrate the information we learned from lecture.

Fellow blogger Lauren (second from left) and her classmates practicing on Harvey when they were freshmen.

Fellow blogger Lauren (second from left) and classmates practicing on Harvey when they were freshmen.

Lastly of my new experiences, this week I also joined some of my classmates and co-blogger Abby at the BATs (buns, abs, and thighs) class at Drayson Center. We jumped, punched, and kicked for an hour! My muscles, used to sitting around all day, are still in shock. But, the class was a great de-stresser and fun opportunity to hang out with friends. I can’t wait to go this week!