The Blessing of Interviews

Kari, Fourth Year Medical Student
Happy New Year!

Now that we’re all back from a Christmas break that feels too far in the past already, most of us in third and fourth year are back to our usual work patterns and it’s been great running into some of you in the hospital.

Like many fourth years, I took several weeks off for interviews. Prior to coming back 2 weeks ago, many of us have been traveling almost continuously since before Thanksgiving.

I wanted to share a few highlights from my trips, photo style. As I have not yet matched, I won’t be sharing my opinions of programs or my rank list, but I went to a lot of beautiful places.

It all started with this bag my friends gave me for my birthday. It came with me everywhere. It’s giant but fits perfectly under the airplane seat. With this and a small carry-on suitcase, I never had to check a bag. However, since I flew Southwest which checks bags for free, I frequently checked it anyway so I didn’t have to roll it around on my layovers.

This is the view from Morning Report at one of the programs. Wow right?

The southwest was sunny and clear.

Snow all over in Utah.

Oregon’s amazing tram ride.

Boston has really tall buildings.

I tried to walk at least a little in every place I went because I think it gives me the best sense of it. Sometimes I took a latte with me.

I felt like Eloise at the Plaza in this hotel that the program paid for in Ohio.

There was snow on the Grapevine when we went through.

I just wanted to share that interview season, while indisputably exhausting, is a blessing. At what other time in our lives do we get to travel the entire country imagining what our lives might be like if we moved there, see amazing hospitals doing great work and meet piles of people who want to do the same thing.

And after most of them were done and I was bone tired, I got to head home to my parents’ house in Oregon for Christmas. My husband came with me, and relaxing there was that much more enjoyable because of the whirlwind.

Baking with my sister.

Walking our puppy Chaucer on the property. Loving life.

I finished my last interview a week ago, sent all my thank you notes, and after some consideration, I certified my rank list and got this email:

You probably can’t read that, but it says “Confirmation of Certified ROL” meaning, I’m done! I am of course allowed to change it up until February 20, but I have faith God will send me where I belong regardless of what order I put the programs in. I’ve done my best to be honest with myself, but messing around with my list isn’t going to change where He wants me to go, so it feels good to let it go.

So now that there’s nothing left for me to do but wait for March 11 (finding out if we matched) and then March 15 (finding out where we matched) it feels like a strange balance of relief and nervous anticipation.

It would be easy to be anxious, but I’m trying to just enjoy my electives, my friends and this time when my worries are out of my control.

So again, welcome back, have a great week!

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