Family Day

Janna, First Year Medical Student
Last Friday was Family Day! Students excitedly showed their parents where they have lectures, burrow away to study, dissect cadavers, practice with ultrasound machines, and more.

I felt blessed to be able to sit between my mom and dad during the first lecture of the day by Dr. Chase. My dad was in a fluke skiing accident just the week before. One of his skis got stuck between two trees and he fell onto a thin, icy double black diamond in Mammoth. Sliding down on his back, he went head-first into a tree, shattering his helmet.

By the grace of God and the skilled hands of the ski patrol and hospital personnel, my dad underwent CT scans, an MRI, plain-film x-rays, and a jet evacuation to Reno. Having completed my first section of neuroscience, I had learned terms that I was nowhere near prepared to apply to real people, especially family. Even with a rudimentary knowledge, it was terrifying to know the implications of words like subarachnoid hemorrhage and C6 fractures.

Despite his injuries, my dad insisted on attending Family Day. He woke up at 6 am to put on his suit, so we would not have any excuse not to take him when we left. However, my mom and I (and probably the wearing off of the Norco) convinced him to go home to rest after the first lecture. After sleeping all day, he came back in the evening for the alumni dinner and dedication vespers.

My family thanks God for keeping my dad alive, and his healing hand as my dad is on his way to a slow recovery. Thank you to all who have been praying and are continuing to pray.

If any of you are going skiing or snowboarding, please, please, please wear a helmet. To see a picture of my dad’s helmet, click here: Wear a helmet.

Family Day