Choosing To Be Optimistic

Stephanie, Third Year Medical Student
Sometimes I find I can get so caught up in day-to-day living that I forget to take time to pause and reflect-to really remember what it’s all about.  And that pretty well sums up the last 6 months of med school for me……
Ok, maybe I haven’t been doing THAT poorly, there have definitely been some good moments and I have taken some time to myself for reflection.  But if I’m totally honest I’ve let med school kind of take over my life since August (aka when I did my last post-sorry guys!).
So this is what has been weighing heavily on my mind and heart lately-that no matter how stressful or busy the situation I find myself in may be, I still have a choice I can make to either let the situation consume me or confront it with my naturally optimistic personality and find useful ways to solve problems.  Basically I’ve come to the realization that it is unbelievably easy to get negative and maybe even somewhat bitter with the many demands of medical school.  In many ways I’m afraid I was heading down that road but that is definitely not me and not where I wanted to be heading.
So I’m working on making an active choice to stay as positive as I can and to get the most out of the situations I have been placed in (even the not-so-ideal ones).  I’ve realized that I can only control my reactions and that is what I’ve set out to salvage :).
On a lighter note, one thing I won’t be salvaging from the last 6 months are my plants……I’ve already given my mom notice that giving me plants that cannot be watered by irritation systems and require my direct attention on a regular basis is definitely NOT going to work…….
I think the pictures speak to that! 🙂

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