…This Past Quarter

Brandon, First Year PhD Student

Contrary to popular belief.. I am still alive 😀

Sadly this is my first post of the year, but I will quickly attempt to make up for lost time and readers.

So to get some formalities out of the way and to regain the readers that I may have lost.. I would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Valentine’s Day, and Happy (Fill in any holiday I may have missed here)!

This quarter has been… (searches brain for the correct word).. interesting.. Interesting because it was extremely fast paced, everlasting, busy, busy, and oh yeah did I mention busy? It started off with my teachers updating Canvas (our online class portal) with lectures and group projects during the Christmas break. Like every good student, I read the email updates, syllabus, and mentally prepared for the upcoming semester… But I could never have guessed exactly how fast everything would actually happen.

In January alone I had 3 projects and 1 exam, this trend continued into February, and March. Actually… March is quite an exception, since this time I only had 1 exam in addition to projects, daily quizzes for about two weeks, and Finals Week of course (*Insert seemingly ominous music*). Thankfully it all finally came to an end and last week (due to Spring Break *insert Hallelujah Chorus*).

Although the semester may have been difficult at times, I really thank God for leading me and guiding through it. I also would like to thank my professors and research mentors for challenging and creating so many opportunities for me to learn and demonstrate my newfound knowledge.

On an semi-serious note I also would like to thank the school for a week off from classes and serious studying (emphasis on serious.. meaning studying is still occurring). But seriously I am really grateful for this break, because I have time to somewhat rest my mind, prepare for the upcoming quarter (April 1st is right around the corner), actually write posts for the blog, clean my room and do laundry (just kidding) and to re-energize myself for the next semester…

Until Next Time…

Brandon Dixon

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