Student’s Progress: Part I

Danny, First Year Medical Student

The following is an allegory of my journey and acceptance to Loma Linda.

Once upon a time, there was a lad by the name of Daniel. This lad hungered for knowledge. He toiled every single hour, day, and month for many years to meet his one goal – to attain the knowledge required to heal and care for others. One day, wise men and women heard about this ravenous hunger for knowledge and summoned Daniel to the castle called Loma Linda, located in the city known as Acceptance. Holding back tears and sobs, Daniel packed a small rucksack with supplies, bid farewell to his family, and began the year-long journey to Loma Linda.

“Hold on!” yells the village elder, “Do you know where you’re going?” Surprised, Daniel snaps his head back.

“I’m on my way to the city of Acceptance,” Daniel yells back.

“Why are you going there?”

“I have been summoned to the castle by the wise men and women of Loma Linda!”

“Do you not know how difficult it is to get there? It will take months – maybe a year! The path to Acceptance called hardship is long and difficult! You will encounter dragons, traps, and much more!”

“I am aware; however my thirst for knowledge must be quenched. I desire to learn how to heal and care for others!”

“Very well. Indeed you are on the right path. However, before you go, I must give you some books – some new – some very old. All of which are crucial to your success on your journey to the castle Loma Linda in the city of Acceptance.”

Out of thin air, four books appeared in midair in front of the village elder. The elder
grabbed them and handed them to Daniel. The books were heavy. All of the books were covered in words unfamiliar to Daniel. Words such as Kaplan, Examcrackers, and Princeton were written in thick bold letters at the top of each book. After thumbing through the books, Daniel placed the books in his rucksack and parted ways with the village elder.


The next few weeks were quiet. Each day at dusk, Daniel camped on the side of the road and built a small fire to keep him warm. While walking, he studied the books. Some of the concepts presented in the books were simple, while others were difficult. The books referred to the ancient dragon known as MCAT. They contained the secret knowledge necessary to defeat MCAT. “How does this help me get to the city of Acceptance?” Daniel wondered out loud.

Three months had passed. Over time, he noticed that the path called hardship wasn’t as green as he remembered. Each mile down the path, the trees had wilted more. This was unsettling to Daniel and his sleep suffered because of it. Regardless, he continued down the trodden path. Several more miles had passed and there were no more living trees. The birds no longer chirped and cheeped. Even the crickets, which are friends with the night and darkness, ceased their chirping. Everything was burned to a black char. What remained of the trees was the smoke from a recent fire. Suddenly, a candle lit in his head; perhaps the dragon called MCAT caused all of this devastation?

An ominous sound was heard in the distance. Daniel’s heart stopped.

       “Who disturbs me?


Check back soon for Part II!

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