Six signs you may be turning into an OB-gyn

Hayley, Fourth Year Medical StudentHi! I’m back to blogging after a year-long hiatus which I spent working in the hospital, studying, and of course, with my new husband.

Now it is the time of year when all of us fourth years are tying up the last run-on sentences in our residency apps and tweaking the final paragraphs of our personal statements. It also means that if someone asks you what you’re going into you better have an answer. Here are six concrete signs that may indicate that you should go into OB-gyn.

1) You have a brochure for stress urinary incontinence in the front seat of your car. You’re not sure why. You don’t really want to get rid of it in case you might need to give it to someone at some point.Number 1.2

2) You own a stuffed uterus.Number 2

3) To communicate with your friends the length of time until significant life events, you use the gestational unit.Number 3

4) Your bedside table could be mistaken for a very unsterile scrub field.Number 4

5) When you are digging through your purse for a pen, you normally run across surgically sterile packets of lubricant first.Number 5

6) Chocolate chip cookies remind you of finding ovaries on transvaginal ultrasound and you check for dominant follicles.Number 6

Sometimes it is difficult to be self-analytical and introspective, so if any of these happen to be true for you (especially the stuffed uterus), you should probably consider that perhaps you are destined for a career in OB-gyn.